ShipTection is a shipping protection, in addition is backed by Insureship (Online Shipping Insurance Services) as their insurance partner.
When orders are insured with ShipTection, any packages lost, damaged or  stolen in transit are covered by ShipTection, NOT the merchant.
The cost to shoppers is only around 1% - 3 % of the cart value to fully protect customers from lost, damaged and stolen items.
Customers always have a choice whether to remove ShipTection or add as an optional item in their shopping cart.
How it works?
1. Shipping protection: Keep ShipTection at checkout and unlock full package protection but if you don't want this shipping protection you can delete it.
2. Visual Tracking: Having order insurance creates peace of mind, knowing your order is safely on the way.
3. Have an issue? Insureship's system helps effortlessly file claims in a few easy steps for lost, damaged and stolen orders in transit.